Mind Massage

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Mind Massage

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Guided meditations & Hypnotherapy. Using muscle relaxation and breathing techniques, relieve and release mind and body tensions.

Listen to the music

Music with a a purpose. Relax with music designed the soothe the soul, dance with music designed to excite the senses - feat special guests. 

Create your own calm

Cultivate mindful focus with our soothing colouring book to create your own calm, wherever you are, with beautiful hand drawn images. 

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Beta Version Testimonials

Adam, London, UK

I really love your app. Since I've been using it I feel like another person! It's so easy to get off track with meditating but this app along with the music really engages me

AJay, Los Angeles, USA

I have been using the full body tension release audio before bed and its the BEST i have EVER slept! The guided meditation by the super tranquil voice of the narrator is so calm and relaxing

Natasha, Manchester, UK

Its been so easy to meditate and the outcome has been personally quite transformational. I really love the voice, it makes it so easy stick with 

Mark, San Francisco, USA

I have honestly started to use this daily, every morning, It really helps to get my day started on the right track and i can already feel the difference

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