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Hypnotherapy and guided meditations are often combined with music - whether its to feel calm, focused or to assist in suspending thoughts, just for a while...  

The concept behind Mindmassage music is to integrate the two, in a purposeful manner, to allow listeners to get fully in tune with their senses and body. By uniting mindfulness with funky jams and mixing hypnotic harmonies, with groovy melodies, we hope to provide a mixture of catchy beats within different genres. 

The music has been written & produced in the USA summer 2018 and is a variety and mixture of dance, pop and lullaby. 

Mindmassage was created by and is underscored by vocals from hypnotherapist Alex Golombeck, but most songs feature super guest singers, such as Zachary Murdoch, Reilly Brooke and Carmon Borla along with live instrumentals,guitar by Jake Vintager & Kevin Grossman and saxophone by Andre Rhodes. Key Producers include Channel the Sun, Red Buttonz, Josh Morales & Austin Fig.

Full album OUT NOW, with love ......

Reilly Brooke - Features on Not Alone

Reilly Brooke - Features on Not Alone

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